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A Closer Look at NHTI Microcredentials for Businesses

NHTI’s Business and Training Center is committed to understanding the need of today’s workforce, businesses, and organizations, and to providing the best instructors and targeted training that delivers results. Each microcredential program provides you with a full understanding of the objectives in a proven methodology.

Rather than a one-day “bootcamp” or two-day “workshop,” our online microcredentials span a longer period to give your employees a real knowledge base rather than just a crash course. Microcredential course topics will be featured each week with exploration and discussion with collaborative activities. Activities will be assigned each week to help apply, understand, and reflect on learning principals over time to develop mastery.

The microcredential represents a commitment to building and applying the skill in a professional setting to improve processes, relationships, and outcomes. All microcredential courses will run at different times throughout the year to allow for individual and group enrollment.

We also off them all as customized training that can be scheduled and targeted for your needs and industry. Contact us or check out the offerings via

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