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Care Action Team

Building off of the success of our Early Alert process, we offer the Care Action Team (CAT) for any faculty or staff member concerned about a student. This process is based on non-academic and academic reasons that could include: The student is no longer attending classes, has stopped doing work, and/or is unprepared for the coursework.

  1. Click “Start the Process” below, which takes you to NHTI Navigate. Enter your Easy Login credentials to sign in.
  2. On the right-hand side of your homepage, you will see options. Click on Issue an Alert.
  3. Find the student’s name using the search engine. You will not need to know the student’s ID# unless it’s a common name.
  4. Enter the information requested. If it’s related to a class, any class that the student is currently enrolled in will appear in the drop-down menu.
  5. Select one or more reasons listed for the alert, or select Other and use the open text box to provide any important information.
  6. Click Submit.

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