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Financial Aid

Paying for college can be confusing, but NHTI makes it simple! 

Your education is an investment to last a lifetime. Our Financial Aid Office is committed to working with you to secure eligible funding so you can achieve your goals. 

A few things you should know before getting started:

  • You have to apply for financial aid each academic year.
  • You have to be matriculated (formally accepted) into a financial aid-eligible program (16 credits or more). 
  • Every matriculated student could be eligible for federal aid.

You should also consider:

CCNSH’s Promise Program helps N.H. students who qualify based on financial need by bridging the gap between grants, scholarships, and the cost of tuition and required comprehensive fees at all 7 of New Hampshire’s community colleges.

Contact Financial Aid at 603-230-4013 to see if you are eligible.

Read more about the Promise Program here.

Every semester thousands of dollars in scholarships and grants goes unrewarded simply because no one applies for them! In some cases, all these funds need is one qualified applicant. Do not underestimate the importance and convenience of scholarships and grants in helping to offset your NHTI tuition. 

As an NHTI student, you can apply for our extensive list of AwardSpring scholarships with just a single application!

Click HERE for a list of scholarships and grants!

You may be eligible for work-study opportunities at NHTI if you have documented financial need and checked the box on the FAFSA form for work study. 

Once you’ve been approved, you can visit any number of on-campus departments always looking for help. These include Student Life, Campus Safety, and Athletics – and they pay $14/hour!

Contact Financial Aid at 603-230-4013 to see if you are eligible. If you are an in-state student, you may be eligible for state-funded Community College Work-Study funding. 

Federal Direct Stafford loans are fixed-rate student loans that do not require you to make any payments until 6 months after you leave college or reduce your course load below 6 credit hours.

Parents’ Loan for Undergraduate Students (PLUS) allows parents of dependent students to borrow in their own name through the Federal Direct Loan Program to help meet educational expenses. Click here for more information:

Private Educational loans may be available to you once you have exhausted all federal and state aid options. Consider a private educational loan.

Cohort default rate is the percentage of a school’s borrowers who enter repayment on certain Federal Family Education Loan (FFEL) Program or William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan (Direct Loan) Program loans during a particular federal fiscal year (FY), Oct. 1 to Sept. 30, and default or meet other specified conditions prior to the end of the second following fiscal year. The U.S. Department of Education releases official cohort default rates once per year. The NHTI most recent cohort default rate/repayment rate is 2.0%.

Federal Financial Aid 

Your FAFSA will be emailed to us automatically. Our Financial Aid Office will review it to determine your eligibility for funding. Some students may be randomly selected for verification. If you are selected, you’ll receive an email and or letter from the Financial Aid Office.

Net Price Calculator

As a guide for early college financial planning, this tool provides an estimate of your net cost to attend NHTI if you are a full-time student seeking a first-time undergraduate degree. 

Applying Your Financial Aid

Financial aid can be used as an acceptable payment arrangement only if the FAFSA application for the current school year and all NHTI financial aid requirements are completed prior to the tuition due date. To verify that you have completed all of your financial aid requirements and that you have enough financial aid to cover your balance due, please do the following:

  1. Be sure that all of your financial aid requirements are met:
    • Log into your SIS
    • Select Financial Aid
    • Choose Financial Aid Status
    • Select Campus
    • Select the Aid Year you wish to view
    • If you have any outstanding requirements that need to be completed, you will see a message “You have unsatisfied student requirements for this aid year” displayed. Click on the link to view the requirements.
  1. Verify that your Financial Aid will cover your tuition charges:
    • Log into your SIS
    • Select Financial Aid
    • Select Award Offer
    • Select Award for Aid Year
    • Select Campus
    • Select the Aid Year you wish to view
    • Select Award Overview
    • Scroll down to Financial Aid Award by Term
    • If you have been awarded financial aid, the amount of your aid for the term will be displayed here. Deduct your estimated total amount of your award for the term from your tuition charges.

NOTEStudents that do not have their financial aid in place by the tuition due date may get assessed a $50.00 late fee to their account.

If you have questions about your financial aid, please contact our Financial Aid Office at or 603-230-4013.

Entrance Counseling and Master Promissory Note

If you are accepting federal loans for the first time at NHTI, you will also need to complete the required MPN on-line at and Entrance Counseling at NHTI will be notified electronically in approximately 48 hours.

Exit Counseling

Students who have received a federal subsidized, unsubsidized or PLUS loan(s) are required to complete Exit Counseling each time they drop below half-time enrollment, graduate, or leave school. Exit counseling provides important information on how to manage your student loan repayment, including your rights and responsibilities as a borrower.  

You will need your US Department of Education FSA ID (this is the same FSA ID you used to file your FAFSA). If you do not remember your FSA ID or password, you may recover these at by clicking log in, use email or phone and forgot my password. Here will direct you to redo password.

To complete the counseling process, log in at

  1. Click on “Loan Repayment
  2. Click on “Loan Exit Counseling” and Log In To Start

NHTI is required to provide information published by the U.S. Department of Education to you any time information on loan availability is provided. If we enter into an agreement with you or your parent regarding a Title IV, HEA loans are required to inform you that the loan will be submitted to the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) and accessible by guaranty agencies, lenders, and schools determined to be authorized users of the data system.

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