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Transfer Opportunities

Thinking of Transferring to a 4-Year College?

Congratulations for taking this big step toward completing your bachelor’s degree! We will miss you at NHTI but are so proud that you are making this larger commitment toward pursuing your personal and professional goals.

We have many resources available to assist you with this transfer process. Often, you can work directly with your department chair or academic advisor, but the resources below will help you get started.

Transfer to the University of the People

University of the People (UoPeople) is the first non-profit, tuition-free, American, accredited online university. Currently there are over 126,000 students from more than 200 countries and territories. Designed to open access to higher education globally, UoPeople helps qualified high school graduates overcome financial, geographic, political, and personal constraints keeping them from collegiate studies.

Graduates of UoPeople can be found working at such companies as Deloitte, Amazon, Apple, Pfizer, Google, Microsoft and IBM. UoPeople collaborates with Harvard Business School Online, New York University, McGill University, and the University of Edinburgh and has been supported by foundations such as the Gates Foundation, Ford Foundation and Hewlett Foundation. Learn more at

About the Partnership

The transfer partnership between NHTI – Concord’s Community College and UoPeople allows associate degree earners to save even more on completing their bachelor’s degree. NHTI graduates can enjoy a transfer fee waiver for up to 60 credits when they transfer their associates degree towards a bachelor’s degree at UoPeople. When students transfer within the same program area, their associate degree credits will transfer and be applied toward the complimentary bachelor’s program. In addition, NHTI students can enjoy UoPeople’s flexible transfer credit policy and transfer up to 90 credits in total!

For more information on transferring to UoPeople: Transfer to UoPeople – University of the People

To learn more about UoPeople program offerings: Academic Programs | University of the People (

Transfer to the University of New Hampshire

New Hampshire’s flagship state university offers many programs and transfer opportunities to earn your bachelor’s degree with the credits you’ve acquired at NHTI. Read more about the UNH Discovery Program here!

UNH has also partnered with NHTI to offer pathways that allow you to smoothly transition to a wide variety of bachelor’s degree programs on the UNH-Durham campus. You can see exactly which courses to take while enrolled as a NHTI student for seamless transfer to the program of your choice.

Transfer Academy: Start at NHTI – Finish at UNH

NHTI’s unique Transfer Academy lays out your pathway from high school to NHTI to UNH. Starting as early as your sophomore and junior years, you can take courses that – once applied to your NHTI education – may also transfer to your bachelor’s degree at UNH on its Durham campus. This translates into a savings of almost $16,000!

Transfer Agreements

Transfer and articulation agreements outline how each NHTI academic department works with 4-year college/university representatives to determine how your NHTI courses will transfer. We’ve entered into a number of these agreements to enable you to transfer seamlessly into bachelor’s degree programs at public and private institutions.

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