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Alumni Spotlight: TECP Changed His Life

As part of our ongoing series that highlights NHTI alumni, the following blog post is written by Brian Beauman, who earned his Teacher Education Conversion Program (TECP) certificate in Secondary Biological Science in 2010.

TECP Alum Brian Bauman
TECP Alum Brian Beauman

Graduating from NHTI’s TECP in 2010 allowed me to convert my existing bachelor of science degree in Exercise and Sports Science into a secondary science teaching degree. Dr. Dunn and her faculty intensely prepared me for the transition and rigor of leaving the golf and ski industry and becoming a first-year teacher. Dr. Dunn helped me research, design, and complete a specialized pathway that included a hybrid of course work and extensive student teaching experiences.

My journey in education has now included teaching stints at four different high schools in three different states. At each stop, my TECP training has put me ahead of the established teaching core. My workforce background and TECP training have helped me earn a spot on various school improvement and leadership teams and allowed me the opportunities to train new teachers and redesign the curriculum so that it is more authentic. Additionally, because of the partnership between NHTI and NEC, I could quickly transfer my TECP coursework at the graduate level and complete my dual master’s degrees in Curriculum Design and Instruction and Special Education in a short time and at a reduced cost.

Reflecting on my TECP start in education, I continue to be grateful for my experience and work to promote the TECP program whenever possible. If you are contemplating a career switch to education, I encourage you to attend one of the TECP information sessions. There are so many pathways into education aside from the traditional teaching degree. So many schools need passionate adults entering the field because they want to make a difference. If this is you, come and join us!


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