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NHTI Spring 2021 Semester FAQ

With the spring 2021 semester right around the corner, we’re sure you have a lot of questions.

NHTI Spring Semester 2021 FAQ

As a continuation of our Fall 2020 schedule, our NHTI community is working hard to stay healthy, stay together, and stay learning for the Spring 2021 semester. We’ll be wearing masks on campus, in buildings, and when in socially distanced groups, and we’ll be embracing a new style of learning that includes in-person, remote, online, and hybrid classes, depending on the course.

Through student and administration leadership, we’re working hard to stay active in our community, keep our campus life bustling, and remain safe while working hard toward our academic and professional goals. Staying positive and staying in motion will lead us all toward a brighter future together.

After all, this is #LynxCountry. You belong here.

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And now, onto the FAQs!


How will Spring classes be offered at NHTI?

You can take Spring classes in one of three different formats: online, remote, and hybrid.

How do hybrid courses work?

Hybrid courses require hands-on learning experiences – e.g., some health and science labs – that are difficult to replicate virtually. If you’re in a hybrid course, you’ll get both on-campus and online instruction. This Spring, our faculty will be working for a few different models: You may come to campus one day a week and attend lectures online the other days of the week that the class is scheduled. Check your email and Canvas for how your instructor is going to handle their hybrid courses.

What if there’s a tight squeeze between when a remote class ends and when I have to be on campus?

We have created two simple protocols to make sure this won’t interrupt your learning:

Which courses will meet on campus?

The only courses that will meet on campus this spring are those that have the hybrid designation in SIS. You’ll get more information from your instructors two weeks before the start of the course with instructions on when you need to be on campus.

How do I find out the designation of my Spring courses?

Check SIS! There are three codes: online, remote, and hybrid. Remote and hybrid courses have meeting times and days. Hybrid courses have an actual room location. Remote courses have a designated day and time that the class meets remotely.

What’s SIS and how do I access it?

SIS is our Student Information System. You can access SIS through our website or Canvas by using your Easy Login credentials. SIS allows you to read course offerings, register for courses, pay your bills, access Degree Works, and more.

What if I can’t find the information I need about my class?

The best thing to do is contact your advisor. You’re also welcome to contact the Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) via email or phone at or 603-230-4027.

Will there be tutoring in the Spring?

Yes! Virtual and in-person tutoring will be available. In-person tutoring will follow health and safety protocols, and signage is posted that indicates what these protocols are when entering specific building. The tutoring schedule will be posted on our ACE page and Canvas. Please contact ACE via email or phone at or 603-230-4027.

Are academic advisors available to help?

Always! Academic advisors have a full array of availability and ways to meet with them. Most meetings will be virtual, but we can offer some in-person appointments, too. Check the Academic Advising page for more information, to chat with us, or to find out more. In-person advising will follow health and safety protocols, and signage is posted that indicates what these protocols are when entering specific building. Contact us via email or phone at or 603-230-4021 if you have any questions.

What about Accessibility Services?

Accessibility Services will be available to all students. Make an appointment by contacting or 603-230-4027.

Will the Library/Learning Common be open?

Yes! The Library and Learning Common will be open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4 p.m. Full Library services, meeting spaces, and computers will be available. If you’re coming in, you do have to follow health and safety protocols; signage is posted that indicates what these protocols are when entering specific building.

Will computer labs be open?

Yes! Because of social distancing, only smaller groups will be allowed into to use the labs. You’ll have to follow health and safety protocols; signage is posted that indicates what these protocols are when entering specific building.

Can I have guests in my residence hall room?

This is a tough one: Because of the safety protocols in place, we need to significantly reduce the number of people allowed in each residence hall. Outside guests are not allowed in at this time. You can have one additional person in your private room, but this person needs to be a resident of the same residence hall. When state guidance changes, we’ll slowly open our communities to include guests from outside of your residence hall.

What will student life look like?

Active, as always! We pride ourselves on providing opportunities for you in leadership, social, educational, and diversity programming. Of course, these will be done via virtual platforms and potentially, depending on restrictions, in-person events following social distancing guidelines and other precautions. Clubs will still meet, but most will meet virtually. Once we get confirmation from all of our clubs, we will create a document with details on each club’s meeting plans.

Who decided how Spring classes will be offered?

It was a group decision that featured a lot of deliberation. The Academic Affairs Committee considered the technology, faculty, and financial needs of everyone involved, and we think we’ve come up with a viable solution. Our committee worked collaborated with department chairs to assess individual courses and decide how best to offer them this spring for everyone’s safety.

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