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NHTI to Roll Out Verifiable Credentials

A DALL-E generated AI representation of this work is presented to commemorate the verified credential work.
A DALL-E generated AI representation of this work is presented to commemorate NHTI’s verified credentials.

CONCORD – NHTI – Concord’s Community College has embarked on the journey to provide students with 21st century skills while documenting achievements in a reusable and verifiable way that maximizes student mobility.

Starting in the Spring 2023 semester, NHTI will begin rolling out verifiable credentials as markers of learning achievement.  These credentials will be issued directly into a student’s personal digital wallet. Through a partnership with ProofSpace, these wallets will be fully portable and interoperable with other colleges and employers who are deploying Learner Employment Records or using Web3 or Blockchain solutions.

“To date, we have relied on student grades as the primary marker of student success,” says Dr. Andrew Fisher, vice president of Academic Affairs at NHTI. “We then package those grades into a transcript and use that central document to indicate progress towards a degree. Now, we can provide more detailed information about student success to supplement that transcript.”

New system to allow students to easily share verified education and skills

With verifiable credentials, students will store and track individual learning outcomes that occur within their classes, further providing voice to their experiences. Co-curricular opportunities, including participation in service organizations, will be incorporated into the learning experience and documented within the wallet.

“These portable and verifiable learner records are a lifelong asset that students carry with them,” says ProofSpace CEO Nick Mason. “Employers and colleges enjoy benefits, too, from trusted data and system optimization. We’re thrilled to partner with NHTI, who is using ProofSpace to issue Student ID and learner records with minimal technical effort and maximum flexibility.”

These digital wallets will enhance the open-badge based system currently employed at NHTI. Questions should be directed to Andrew Fisher at

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