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Alumni Spotlight: Exploring New Interests with Professional Instructors

As part of our ongoing series that highlights NHTI alumni, the following blog post is written by Joe Tibbetts, who graduated with his degree in Electrical Engineering Technology as part of the Class of 1994.

My time at NHTI was tremendously valuable in not only equipping me with relevant knowledge and experience needed in the workplace, but also in exposing me to various areas of interest that helped shape my career over the past 20 years.

As a graduate of the EET program in ’94, I was looking to gain a solid foundation of experience based on my broader interest in electronics and computing and expose myself to a wider spectrum of technologies that could help me identify a unique area of interest. Both the curriculum and the professors helped tremendously in identifying my interests and pointing me in the right direction regardless of whether I decided to enter the workforce or continue to pursue my educational goals after leaving NHTI.

The experience I gained at NHTI helped me uncover an interest in computing and information technology and built an incredible foundation to work from as I entered the workforce. I later decided to pursue a bachelor’s degree in information technology.  As I continued my education, I felt far more prepared than most of my peers because of the relevant and diverse experience I gained at NHTI. The breadth of the programs and courses offered at NHTI was much broader than what was offered at other post-secondary institutions and is what allowed me to excel both academically and professionally.

After completing my bachelor’s degree and entering the workforce, I returned to NHTI to pursue Cisco network certifications, which have now become an integral part of NHTI’s certificate and degree programs. These courses and experiences were unlike anything offered in the industry and were tremendously beneficial in helping to gain the relevant experience that allowed me to advance professionally. The NHTI professors and level of instruction were absolutely amazing, since many of their staff members brought years of industry experience to the classroom and helped me apply what was being learned to solve real-world problems.

I can’t speak more highly of NHTI and the impact it’s had on me both personally and professionally. It helped me not only build a strong educational foundation but provided the ability to cost effectively explore different areas of interest. Even after graduation, it provided me tremendous opportunities to enhance my skills and stay relevant in the industry.

Throughout my experiences at NHTI, it’s been abundantly clear that the professors and staff not only cared about my success as a student, but worked to ensure that I left NHTI with the right tools and knowledge that helped me achieve my academic and professional goals.

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