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Alumni Spotlight: Free-Spirited Alum Soars

As part of our ongoing series that highlights NHTI alumni, the following blog post is written by Eric Miller, who earned his degree in General Studies in 2018 and certificates in Human Services and Mindfulness in 202 and 2021, respectively.

NHTI Alumni Eric Miller
NHTI Alumnus Eric Miller

I chose to come to NHTI in 2000 – and while here I met my best friend and was given the opportunity to grow as an individual. Some of my fondest memories include playing pool with friends in North Hall (now Langley Hall), playing WWF Smackdown during down times, and lifted weights in the Fitness Center. We’d say we “raged the gym,” then watched Beverly Hills Cop on VHS in our old home away from home in the residence hall.

My time at NHTI helped me grow a lot as an individual. I learned how to ask for help and take risks. My academic journey has been hard but rewarding. One of the greatest risks I took after NHTI was moving on to receive my bachelor’s degree in English and Creative Writing with a minor in Criminal Justice from New England College. I graduated on the dean’s list with a 3.27 GPA.

At NHTI, you can reinvent yourself – even if you start on one path and must go down another, that’s okay. I started my journey as a Criminal Justice student, came back as a General Studies student, then pursued Human Service as a concentration. In 2020, I finally received my Human Service certificate, and in 2021 completed the Mindfulness certificate program. If I can achieve my vision of success at NHTI, you can too! You just need to start your journey, whatever that maybe.

If you don’t go outside your comfort zone, you’ll never know what potential you can unleash. Give NHTI a chance!

My time at NHTI was full of activities, achievements, and participation on campus activities – all of which I am very proud:

During my tenure, I encouraged student and prospective student participation: I had a lot of fun serving as an orientation leader and admissions tour ambassador helping new students and guests get used to NHTI and learn what a great place it is!

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