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Campus Compacfor New Hampshire s Annual Presidents’ Awards honors students, faculty members, and community partners for outstanding public service.

Concord, NH, April 15, 2020-   This year’s awards have taken on a different form considering ongoing school closures due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Campus Compact is very honored and proud to highlight the incredible work being done on each campus around the state. It is in times like these where we are reminded of the importance of community and service to others. The award recipients are college students, faculty members, and community partners who devote their time and expertise to meeting critical community needs. They are a shining example of the work being done in all communities around the country where folks from all walks of life are coming together to support their community. The awards ceremony is sponsored by Campus Compact for New Hampshire (CCNH), a statewide consortium of college and university presidents dedicated to advancing the civic purposes of higher education. The Awards will take place virtually this year over the course of April 13-17 to create a week-long celebration on social media. CCNH is posting out the awards and the institutions and community are joining in on the celebration.

CCNH, which is a statewide consortium of college and university presidents dedicated to advancing the civic purposes of higher education, will present three awards to 21 New Hampshire campuses, honoring over 60 students, community partners, and staff and faculty members: the Presidents’ Leadership Award, the Good Steward Award, and the Community Partner Award. The Presidents’ Leadership Award honors students or student groups who have made outstanding contributions to campus service, service-learning, and civic engagement efforts while the Good Steward Award recognizes faculty or others on campus who contribute professional expertise in service to the wider community. The Community Partner Award goes to a partnering organization that has enhanced the quality of life in the community.

“Although the event took on a different form this year, the foundation of the what the awards represent stays the same. The fantastic work these students, staff and faculty, and community partners do to enhance their communities. That is why I am delighted to celebrate these individuals from a distance and hopefully in person when we can safely be together.” Debby Scire, Executive Director of CCNH says. “There are many important issues facing higher education institutions and communities at large that these individuals are addressing head on even in the midst of our current situation. We are honored to join their institutions in celebration all week long to raise their work for all to see.”

The annual Presidents’ Awards are one of many ways that CCNH and its member campuses promote civic engagement, service-learning, and community service on campus. The organization’s programs and resources include training, advocacy, funding, legislative outreach, and recognition for community-based work that both enhances student learning and provides needed public services.

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