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High-Paying Jobs with an NHTI Degree

High-paying jobs with an NHTI degreeAt NHTI, we’re always beating the “lucrative careers with associate degrees and certificates” drum, and now research firm is backing up the fact that you do not need a bachelor’s degree to have a successful, high-paying career.

According to the article, printed in the N.H. Union Leader, “A host of desirable occupations are open to people certified to have the skills needed to do the job, a credential they can earn in a fraction of the time and cost required for a bachelor’s degree. These jobs come with median salaries of $70,000, $80,000, $90,000 or more.”

The certifications earned in NHTI STEM and Manufacturing associate degree programs not only fit this bill but give you an edge on the competition because of our challenging coursework, industry-trained instructors, and advanced learning outcomes.

An NHTI associate degree will get you further faster, placing you in line for these high-paying careers while other job seekers are still slogging through GenEds at a 4-year institution:


The Most Affordable College Education in N.H., Period.

Your NHTI education is the most affordable high education option in New Hampshire at only $215 per credit. That’s thousands lower than local 4-year options. For more information and cost comparisons, visit our tuition page.


Reverse Engineer Your Career

Our online Career Coach resource allows you to search for the career you’re interested in and then shows you the NHTI course load you need to take to get there! Registration for the Career Coach site (and your NHTI application, in fact) is free – get started today.


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