For current students and faculty/staff

New! Tele-Dentistry Seminar

Has there been a shift in the Dental Industry from the 20th Century into the 21st Century? Have the economics of the Dental Industry changed? Are there changes in the demographics in the Dental Industry? “The Dentists’ Offices is the Operating Delivery System” is the current, long adhered to model. Does this model, a “Drill and Fill, Fee-For-Service” model, still serve the general public and the dental profession as it was originally intended?

Telehealth has shown itself to be extremely helpful during our current pandemic. In dentistry, this is referred to as Teledentistry (TD). The primary role of the dentist would be to create treatment-planning and supervise the clinical care provided by Certified Public Health Hygienists staff members.

This course will outline how TD, given the opportunity, can be used, and what we can teach our Public Health Dental Hygienists to implement TD

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