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Math Lab and Study Resources

ACE’s professional math tutors can help you with math issues. Call us at 603-230-4027 for details, or email to learn more.

You can:

  • Receive help with problems and prepare for tests.
  • Learn to use graphing calculators and other computer resources.
  • Improve understanding of concepts being taught.
  • Fill gaps in your background.
  • Reinforce good math study skills.

Worksheets on Difficult Subjects

Worksheets and concept aids are available in a variety of courses to assist with understanding concepts such as:

Dealing With Math Anxiety

Math Study and Test Taking Tips

CD and Video Lecture Series

The NHTI Learning Commons Library offers videos (on CD) of math textbook authors lecturing on the textbook topics and doing sample problems. Ask at the Circulation desk. Most math textbooks have this resource. There is also a video calculus lecture series available for loan.

General Pre-Algebra Lessons

(Multiplication/Division/Addition/Subtraction of Integers, Decimals, Fractions Signed Numbers, Ratio/Proportion)

Specific Math Topics

Note: PurpleMath sites have good explanations but no exercises; AAAmath and Gomath do have practice exercises with answers.

Ask a Math Question

Web Math  is both a tutorial and a place to enter a problem you cannot yet solve. It will solve the problem, explaining all the steps. Download a demo copy of their PC software. If you like it, you can order the software to have on your PC and use without going on the Web ($29.99).

Take a Math Tutorial

  • Khan Academy
    This site has tutorials and quizzes in all types of math, from elementary to college calculus, and many other science and social science topics.
  • Cool Math
    This site has tutoring in all types of math, from elementary to college calculus, plus some nice explanations of algebra concepts.
  • Algebra and Geometry
    This site has lessons in basic algebra (absolute value, exponents, GCF, percents, scientific notation) and basic geometry (triangles, parallelograms, circles, etc).

Use your TI83+/TI84+ Plus Graphing Calculator

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