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Emergency Notifications

NHTI policies guide emergency response and evacuation procedures, including use of NHTI Alerts. These policies and procedures require the Campus Safety director, or designee, to immediately notify the campus community upon the confirmation of a significant emergency or dangerous situation involving an immediate threat to the health or safety of students or employees occurring on the campus, unless issuing a notification will compromise efforts to mitigate the emergency.

Emergency messages will include information on what has occurred and instructions on what to do next. Emergency notifications and updates may be distributed to the campus through any one or more of the following mechanisms:

  • NHTI Alerts (RAVE): A free opt-out service that automatically sends a brief text message, email, or phone call alerting the community regarding an emergency situation on the NHTI campus. NHTI students, faculty, staff, and affiliates can sign on and review contact information at
  • Directed communications/blast email: NHTI will use our email system to alert students, faculty, and staff.
  • Fliers: Posted on bulletin boards in academic buildings, residence halls, outdoor boards and kiosks and administrative buildings
  • NHTI Campus Safety
  • NHTI website:
  • Local area radio and TV stations and print media
  • Electronic sign at main entrance to campus

Emergency Response and Evacuation Procedures

The NHTI Emergency Response Plan includes information about our emergency Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT) and evacuation and shelter‐in‐place guidelines. NHTI conducts a yearly test of sections of the emergency response plan and notification systems on campus primarily through tabletop exercises. All testing is documented including the date, time, and whether the test was announced or unannounced. Testing results are kept on file at the Campus Safety Office. These tests are designed to assess and evaluate the effectiveness of emergency plans and the capabilities of the college. Visit Campus Safety for emergency response and evacuation procedures. Emergency response and evacuation procedures are tested in residence halls on a semester basis and in academic buildings yearly.

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