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Firearms and Weapons Policy

NHTI is committed to providing a safe and secure learning and working environment for students, faculty, staff, vendors and visitors. Students, staff, faculty, and guests are prohibited from having a weapon on the NHTI campus or property leased or controlled by NHTI including in any residence hall at any time. For the purpose of this policy, firearms, and weapons are defined as followed:

  • Firearms and ammunition (live or expended) including but not limited to shotguns, rifles, pistols, BB guns, dart guns, paint guns, airsoft guns, and starter pistols
  • Non-firearms that shoot a projectile including but not limited to blow guns, bows, and arrows
  • Legal knives with a blade over 3 inches in length and others bladed weapons to include any type of sword, hatchet, or axe. Residence hall students will be limited to 3 knives in their possession.
  • Martial arts weapons, including but not limited to num-chuks and throwing stars
  • Self-defense weapons to including but not limited to mace, pepper-spray, or taser.
  • Any explosive materials, gunpowder, fuses, accelerants, or materials that when used in combination could be used to construct an explosive device
  • Any type of inert weapon or ammunition including but not limited to firearms, artillery shell, or grenades
  • Any other device that could be or appear to be of danger to other people

Exceptions to this policy:

  • N.H. Police Standards and Training personnel, sworn law enforcement officers, and military personnel who are activated in times of a state or national emergency
  • Knives with blades in excess of 3 inches for which its exclusive purpose is as an eating utensil or cutlery
  • Starter pistols may be used for specific events by qualified persons with the prior approval of the director of Campus Safety.
  • Military or law enforcement personnel who are part of a demonstration for career days, educational purposes, or for ceremonies with prior authorization of the director of Campus Safety
  • Tools used by faculty, staff, or students in their instruction or as required as a function of their work

Any student, staff, faculty member or guest found to be in violation of this policy will be subject to possible removal from NHTI. Students found in violation of this policy will have the prohibited firearm or other weapon, or any object in its manner of use or its threatened use as a weapon seized; the student will be referred to Student Conduct. Any weapon seized will be either turned over to law enforcement, retained by Campus Safety until the owner can remove it from NHTI property, or disposed of by Campus Safety. Guests found in violation of this policy may be placed on the NHTI persona non grata list and prohibited from NHTI property. Faculty and staff found to be in violation of this policy may be subject to NHTI Employment Policies.

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