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RAVE Alerts

NHTI Alerts, through Rave Mobile Safety, is an emergency notification system that helps ensure rapid and reliable mass communication to students, faculty, and staff. The system communicates with cell phones (text and voice messages), landlines, and email systems should a weather closure/delay, emergency situation, or crisis occur on the NHTI campus.

NHTI students, faculty, and staff are automatically registered to receive alerts via college email and are strongly encouraged to add their cell phone, landline, or other emails to the system profile. The system’s reliability is dependent on the accuracy of the contact information.

Download our NHTI Alerts FAQ.


CCSNH has retained Rave Mobile Safety to provide emergency notification services to all CCSNH students, faculty and staff. Both CCSNH and Rave will endeavor to provide accurate information and appropriate instruction in a timely manner using your current CCSNH email. If you wish to add additional means of being contacted (cell phone, landline or additional email) please sign into your Rave your account by entering your username and password provided and add those additional means of contact.  By receipt of this notice, you recognize and agree that neither CCSNH nor Rave will be held liable in the event of a failure to provide notice or in the event inaccurate information or faulty instructions are given. In addition to your CCSNH email, CCSNH reserves the rights to use your any additional emergency contact information you may have provided for the critical business of the college. CCSNH and Rave will not share, sell or otherwise provide your information, without your permission, to any other person or entity.

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