For current students and faculty/staff

Locker Policy

Statement of Policy

All lockers located at NHTI are property of NHTI. The use of NHTI lockers is a privilege. Faculty, staff, and students must abide by the rules stated below. If any questions arise, contact Campus Safety at 603-230-4042.

Locker Issuance for Student and Faculty/Staff Use

Student locker usage is from June to May of each academic year or upon withdrawal from NHTI. Students will be required to provide their own lock. Faculty/staff locker usage is permitted year-round while employed by NHTI. Faculty/staff members who choose to use a locker during the summer need to contact Campus Safety and re-affirm the locker location. Faculty/staff will be required to provide their own lock.

Lockers are located in the following locations:

  • Sweeney Hall, second floor
  • Little Hall, second Floor
  • MacRury Hall restrooms, for dental student assignment only
  • Wellness Center and Sweeney Hall restrooms, for day use only and issued through the Wellness Center Office prior to use.

Once the person requesting to have a locker locates an unoccupied locker in either Sweeney Hall or Little Hall, they should contact Campus Safety at 603-230-4042 or and provide the following:

  • Their first and last name
  • Phone number
  • Building location and locker number of the locker they want to use

Campus Safety will confirm the locker is currently unregistered and contact the user to confirm issuance. Once this has occurred, that person is able to use the locker.

Lockers shall not be used to store items prohibited by NHTI rules or state and federal law.

  • Use of a locker, other than the one assigned/issued, by a person other than whom it is registered is forbidden. Misuse of a locker may lead to termination of privileges and is a violation of the Student Code of Conduct.
  • Affixing anything to the interior or exterior of a locker is prohibited.
  • Upon registration and during use, the user is responsible for reporting any damage or needed repairs to Campus Safety. Locker user may assume the cost of any unreported damages.
  • Campus Safety retains the right to inspect lockers and locks to ensure they are being maintained in accordance with the conditions stated.
  • If it is determined that the user no longer needs their issued locker, they must clean out the locker, remove their lock from it, and let Campus Safety know their name and the locker location and number.

Campus Safety reserves the right to remove locks from lockers with the following guidelines:

  • At the request of the individual assigned to that locker
  • In case of an emergency such as a bomb threat or fire
  • A search warrant signed and issued by the court
  • 30 days after the end of the academic year in May if arrangements have not been made with Campus Safety to retain the locker for the upcoming year

All items removed will be bagged and stored in the Campus Safety office for 30 days. Property not claimed during this period will be disposed of.

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