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Academic Amnesty

A student who has previously attended NHTI and is admitted may be eligible for academic amnesty, which provides for the following:

  • All grades taken during the student’s previous time at NHTI will not be used to calculate the student’s new cumulative GPA. However, grades C- and above taken during the student’s previous time at NHTI will be used to meet course requirements (where appropriate).
  • All previous grades will remain on the student’s transcript.
  • To be eligible for academic amnesty, a student must meet all of the following conditions:
    • The student has not taken courses at NHTI for at least 3 years from the last semester of attendance.
    • The student applies for academic amnesty before the start of their second semester after readmission.
    • The student has never before received academic amnesty.

Academic amnesty is designed for students who exhibited poor academic performance during previous attendance. It is not designed for students who achieved a cumulative GPA above 1.7 during previous attendance. Students granted academic amnesty should be aware that previous grades will be used to evaluate “satisfactory academic progress” for financial aid purposes in accordance with Federal Financial Aid Regulations. Download the Application for Academic Amnesty Form.

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