For current students and faculty/staff

Change of Program/Dual Major

Enrolled, matriculated students may request a change of their major program by using the Change of Program/Multi-Major Request Form. Signatures must be received from the department chairs of the current and new major. Signatures do not guarantee or imply acceptance into the new program. The request must be made within the “add” period at the beginning of a semester for the same semester. Requests for the subsequent semester made after the “add” period will not take effect until after final grades for the semester have been reviewed. The student will be informed of the decision in writing by the Admissions Office. Students will follow the curriculum for the semester to which they are accepted.

When calculating the GPA of a student who has changed programs, all courses taken at NHTI and courses taken in the new program will be used. For purposes of academic review, the Academic Standards Committee will consider the student’s semester-by-semester performance in the new program rather than the overall GPA.