For current students and faculty/staff


Evaluations are conducted on students who enroll in any course designated as a clinical, practicum, or internship experience. It is the student’s responsibility to understand the goals, objectives, and evaluation criteria of each clinical/practicum/internship and adhere to all policies, rules, and procedures outlined by the department and/or clinical/practicum/internship site. Students enrolled in these experiences are evaluated on their technical skills, knowledge, behavior, attitude, attendance, and adherence to policies, rules, and procedures set forth by NHTI, the academic department, and the participating agency.

A student will be removed from a clinical/practicum/internship site and issued a grade of AF if performance or behavior is deemed unsatisfactory or unsafe as a result of a formal evaluation conducted by a faculty member/agency supervisor in accordance with published department criteria and procedures. In such situations, students are prohibited from receiving a W grade. In the event that a Withdrawal Form submitted by a student is processed prior to submission of the AF grade, the student-initiated W grade will be replaced in the student record by the faculty-assigned AF grade.