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Learning Communities

Learning Together Helps Everyone

Students in learning communities typically earn higher grades, are more likely to get involved, and are more likely to complete degrees! Research shows you have a better understanding of the material, make connections across courses, are more satisfied with your college experience, and are more connected to your peers and your campus.

A learning community at NHTI is a small group of students who take two or more classes together. These classes are linked by a common theme and are usually scheduled back to back, and you all share similar academic goals. The faculty work together to coordinate assignments, connect ideas, and provide extra support. 

Am I Eligible to Join a Learning Community?

Every first-year student accepted into an academic program that offers a learning community is eligible. When you’re preparing to register, tell the representative scheduling you that you’re interested in the learning community. They can see if you qualify. For more information email

Being a Part of a Learning Community

You will be taking your required classes with other members of your Learning Community, working together on group projects, engaging in the college community. The course requirements for your classes are the same for all students – but, in learning community, you may just find the learning experience less stressful and more productive!

Even better, a transfer school may look favorably on your experience in an NHTI learning community, as they’re designed to improve your academic performance.

Being a part of a learning community, you can expect to:

  • Form stronger connections to your classmates and instructors.
  • Earn better grades, drop fewer classes, finish your education more quickly, and enjoy college more.
  • Have preferred scheduling and reserved office hours with faculty.
  • Complete admissions requirements and general education electives needed for Allied Health programs at NHTI.

Interested in Joining a Learning Community?

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Learning Communities

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