For current students and faculty/staff

Independent Study

Opportunities for credit-bearing independent study are available to matriculated students with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher who wish to explore areas of a discipline not covered in the normal curriculum. Independent study is not available to non-matriculated students. The intention of independent study is to expand a student’s learning experience beyond the normal program curriculum. An independent study cannot be taken in place of any course existing in any of NHTI’s catalog. Students wishing to pursue existing NHTI courses on an independent basis should consult the NHTI policy on directed study.

Students wishing to take an independent study opportunity must consult with a supervising faculty member to prepare a proposal detailing the learning outcome to be pursued, the learning activities that will occur, and the assessment and evaluation that will be used to determine the final grade. The proposal should indicate the number of credits requested for the independent study (usually 1-2). Grading of independent study projects will follow the standard NHTI policies and procedures. Requests are made to the Office of Academic and Workforce Education by the students’ academic advisor or department chair.

Exceptions to the above policy require approval from the department chair and VPAWE. Financial aid does not cover courses for which a student earns credit through independent study.